A downloadable game for Windows

The Super Duper First Person Shooter Controller,

a Prototype Character Controller.. [in Development]

More Features Coming Soon


Controls: (Updated As Needed)


Start Game: " . " 

Scene Select: " , " (game is #2)

Exit: " X "


Look : Mouse

Move : W, A, S, D

Jump : SpaceBar

Sprint : Shift

Crouch : Ctrl

Slide : Ctrl (while sprinting)

Climb: Space Then hold "W" (weapon must be holstered)

Interact / Pickup: E

Draw / Holster Knife : 1

Knife Melee : Left Click or C

Draw/Holster Pistol : 2

Fire Weapon : Left Click

Aim Down Sight: Hold Right Click

Pistol Melee : C

Reload : R

Inspect Weapon : I

Throw Non-Lethal (EMP) Grenade: V

Throw Lethal (Frag) Grenade: G

Game Menu: ESC


v3.25_Things to do:

For Now Enjoy!

Comments / Feedback:

This project is currently in development and as such, is open to critique, feedback, suggestions, and questions!! Please give it a test and share your thoughts!

Install instructions

Extract folder/s

Open Unity Game located at:

..sdfpsc325/SDFPSC.exe if using v3.25

..sdfpsc3/ActuallyAGame.exe if using v3.0

..Builds/Builds/ActuallyAGame.exe if using v2.0


..SDFPSCv2point5/SDFPSCv2point5/ActuallyAGame.exe if using v2.5 (currently down)


SDFPSC v3.25 172 MB
SDFPSC v3.0 71 MB
SDFPSC 2.0 69 MB

Development log


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Now there's somewhat of a point! :D

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I dont understand what you are supposed to do...

Its just a prototype for a character controller.. (the players movement)..

no point to it really.. Just putting it out there to share with other Developers / get tips/ advice etc.. Then when it's all finished and coded effectively I will release it as an Asset for newly inspired Game Developers.. :)

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Oh well it works well! My bad.


I saw the devlog and this looks much more interesting than I thought. I'm not really interested in making games but I am interested in these sorts of things so i'm going to redownload this and try to break it and find bugs. heheh Sorry I came in thinking it was a full game 😅

Oh, no problem mate,  Its hard to share the project with friends, beta testers, and to whoever else I wanna show it off. Maybe not the best platform for it but I've never used itch and figured I'd try to keep the updates coming on here.. It's more simple than my other methods and when I discovered the DevLog, I think it'll work out well..

But yea man, I'm mainly a graphic artist but I am pretty good at Math and taught myself to code html as a teenager.. I found Unity wasn't anything super hard to get into and like anything, it just takes a little drive.. So I made the plunge and so far I think it's turning out pretty well..

I'm going to keep updates rolling out as quick as I can and try to keep well illustrated DevLogs to help other people get involved.. With weapons and targets coming out next week, and also a new wall climb and slide mechanic, if you found it interesting.. Please continue to check in!!

Awesome! Cant wait

I encourage you to give it another try.. It's more than just a walking simulator now :P