A downloadable game for Windows


ver 1 - focus Player Movement..
ver 3.5 - reworked PlayerMovement

Controls for ver 1

  • Left-Click-Interact
  • Right-Click ChangeCamera
  • R- Rotate Inventory

Controls for ver 3.5+

  1.  E-equip/Interact
  2. Space-Jump
  3. Shift-Dash
  4. Wasd-Direction
  5. Mouse-Look
  6. Left-click-Action
  7. Left-click & Hold-Action2
Right-click ()


Download the newest release individually or

Download the Launcher to keep your version automatically updated.

Find Dev and Change Logs over at spawncampgames.com
*Any suggestions and comments are welcome and can be left here in the comments or over in the contact section of my website*

// Ask for the pincode to access hidden/alpha type content in each version.

Install instructions

Unzip [projectname].zip into a Root Folder
Run Archeopticalist.exe


poi1movement.zip 29 MB